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From November 11 to November 14, 2014 the industry exhibition of animal husbandry and management of EuroTier 2014 which became the international place of meetings for professional cattle breeders took place.

According to reports of the organizer of the DLG exhibition (The German agricultural society), EuroTier of 2014 was the only industry livestock show in the territory of Europe which sufficiently covered all areas of livestock activity – the maintenance of cattle, pig-breeding, poultry farming, and also hydrocultures.

The exhibition took place in the territory of the biggest in the world of exhibition complex in Hanover. It was not only an ideal place for adjustment of business contacts in Eastern and Western Europe, but also the right meeting place for industry specialists from all over the world. The most part of visitors of an exhibition consisted of the leaders of the agricultural enterprises. Also industrial purchasers, consultants, veterinarians, scientific and research experts in numerous quantity were among visitors of the EuroTier exhibition.