On the 7th-9th of April, 2015 in St. Petersburg, in a congress hall of the hotel “RUSSIA” SPE AVIVAC took part in the II International Veterinary Congress “VETISTANBUL GROUP – 2015 ".

The main areas of work of the congress  are: biochemistry, parasitology, mycology, biotechnology, immunology, microbiology, dermatology, genetics and selection, animal husbandry, epizootology, poultry farming, internal non-contagious diseases, feeding, feed additives, feeding, veterinary preparations.

In the work of a forum 340 people from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria of Azerbaijan and Serbia took part. Educational veterinary institutions were widely presented: 37 – from Russia and 15 – from other countries.

Formation of the scientific, academic and social cooperation directed on improvement of the academic and cultural relations, exchange of experience between the educational and research organizations were the primary objectives of the congress.