New cutting edge laboratory facilities launched at AVIVAC

A new laboratory equipped for biological research including animal facilities has been launched as part of AVIVAC’s Diagnostic Centre.

A very small number of similar facilities are in operation in Russia, mostly limited to federal research centres, however, we at AVIVAC pride ourselves on having access to our very own ones, equipped with 70 state-of-the-art isolation wards able to fit 800 birds simultaneously.

Launching the new animal facilities brings in new prospects for SPE AVIVAC, allowing large-scale studies aimed at designing novel products much needed by the Russian poultry breeding industry such as vaccines against infectious coryza and avian metapneumovirus infection.

The grand opening of the new laboratory facilities coincided with the 2017 edition of the “White Nights” conference organized by AVIVAC and was attended by the vice governor of Leningrad Region Sergei V. Yakhnyuk.