EuroTier 2018: a review

«Nearly 2600 participants, over 150 000 visitors, of whom one third came from beyod Germany, and countless innovatory projects» — such would be the most accurate description of EuroTier-2018, a major industry event that took place in Hannover from 13 to 16 November 2018. SPE AVIVAC, a long-time EuroTier regular, was among the participants of the 2018 edition of the show.
The trade show, held in Hannover biennially, is of global significance for the animal protein industry, offering a platform for the announcement and subsequent presentation of the most promising projects that are likely to transform animal and poultry breeding as we know it.
Most visitors are true professionals in their respective sectors who understand the needs of the industry as well as the current challenges it faces. This agenda informed the programme of EuroTier-2018, aimed at individuals motivated to obtain ready-to-use technical solutions.
We sincerely hope that the connections SPE AVIVAC was lucky to make at EuroTier will prove to be mutually beneficial in the future.