«Cereals-Mixed Feed-Veterinary-2020» in Moscow

  AVIVAC’s participation in the “MVC: Grains-Mixed Feed-Veterinary” trade show has over time become one of the highlights of the event. This year’s edition has been an incredible success and marked the 25th anniversary of the trade show.
The atmosphere at AVIVAC’s stands was energetic and busy as usual, very much in sync with a high level of interest in the cultivation of epizootic well-being at poultry farms on the part of our colleagues from sundry regions of Russia as well as from overseas.
Being part of “Grains-Mixed Feed-Veterinary” is of extreme importance to us. This year’s fair featured special events held by AVIVAC, marking our company’s 30th anniversary.
We are extremely proud to have been offering effective solutions for poultry breeding for such a long time.